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Medical device startups constantly face technical, clinical, regulatory, commercial and financial risks. CEOs must continually monitor and identify known and emergent risks, adjust the roadmap in response to rapid changes and quickly secure resources that are necessary to execute the new plan.

This is one of the most significant challenges for a CEO with limited operational experience and lack of industry connections. While seasoned board members and investors could provide valuable feedback, they are rarely available to act as day-to-day advisors.

Bridge Innovations works closely with CEOs, providing ongoing, hands-on support and assistance with coordinating and managing all operational activities.


Once development is complete and regulatory approvals are obtained, strategics usually expect startups to launch their products commercially in order to demonstrate market traction. In many cases, a “limited” launch at several healthcare institutions allows the company to meet this initial goal.

Bridge Innovations provides access to the necessary manufacturing infrastructure to build limited quantities of the product for these early-stage market evaluations as well as a capacity to scale up when required. We have established relationships with major healthcare organizations and prominent KOLs. We select the best hospitals and physicians, and support execution of the commercialization plan.

Building a solid relationship with potential strategics is crucial. Bridge Innovations introduces our startups to major players as early as possible, seeking validation of the product and the market opportunity. These meetings allow us to gauge the level of potential interest in the product and understand the degree of commercial readiness that strategics would expect prior to acquisition. Their input is highly valuable to CEOs, investors and our team in planning and executing the roadmap.

We keep the strategics apprised of our progress and stay on their radar screen until the inflection point is reached.

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