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Bridge Innovations is an accelerator with an established track record of taking medical device startups from concept to successful exit. We partner with inventors, founders and CEOs to help them build their companies quickly and efficiently.

We are exclusively focused on instrumentation for advanced minimally-invasive surgical, endoscopic and interventional procedures, and energy-based therapeutic devices

Major medical device companies are looking to acquire products that are fully de-risked and could have an immediate positive impact on their bottom line. Achieving this level of commercial readiness is a major challenge that requires a professional team with a broad skill set and substantial operational resources.

Bridge Innovations has a significant experience in all aspects of the medical device business, including product development, manufacturing, intellectual property, business development, sales and marketing, financing, regulatory, and reimbursement. We leverage our network of professional advisors and key opinion leaders, the operational infrastructure of our product development and manufacturing partners, and our worldwide connections with major industry players.

Bridge Innovations shares all of these resources with select medical device startups and actively assists them in developing cost-effective and reliable products, getting them ready for scalable production, obtaining necessary regulatory approvals and commercializing them in the US and global markets with high capital efficiency.


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medical device Bridge Innovations incubator